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CINGAL® is a novel single-infusion treatment that is demonstrated to securely and adequately treat torment and certain side effects related with osteoarthritis.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most well-known type of ceaseless joint ailments, which influences a huge number of individuals around the world. It will in general beginning during the 50s and can influence any joint, yet regularly, it happens in knees, hips, hands and the lower back.

OA is brought about by joint harm, where the defensive ligament and tissue around the joints are gradually devastated, causing torment and expanding. A few people are not influenced by osteoarthritis, while others encounters serious agony, where the malady influences both usefulness, portability and personal satisfaction.

The primary manifestations of osteoarthritis are joint torment and solidness, which messes up moving the influenced joint. A few people likewise have manifestations of growing, delicacy or popping sounds while moving the joint.

While there is no solution for OA, there is various treatment choices that can be investigated relying upon the seriousness of osteoarthritis. The most widely recognized ways to deal with treat knee torment brought about by OA is active recuperation, weight reduction and normal exercise. Elective treatment choices could be viscosupplements, for example, Hyaluronic corrosive or steroids just as medical procedure in instances of knee substitutions.


In a typical joint, the articular ligament goes about as an assurance for the parts of the bargains that rub against one another. In a joint with osteoarthritis, the articular ligament loses its smooth surface and rather gets sporadic and frayed.

Joints influenced by osteoarthritis does normally have a lower centralization of hyaluronic corrosive in the synovial liquid that encompasses the joints. The synovial liquid is a thick fluid that assists with padding and grease up the joint. In instances of osteoarthritis, the measure of regular hyaluronan is diminished and the quality might be less fortunate than ordinary, which causes disturbance, irritation, agony and solidness in the joints.

When CINGAL® is infused it assists with including a high grouping of cross-connected Hyaluronic corrosive (HA) to the joint, which goes about as a grease and safeguard, while the triamcinolone hexacetonide (steroid) diminishes the aggravation and gives quick short-terms relief from discomfort. Besides, HA assists with improving the flexibility and capacity of the joint too secure the outside of the articular ligament.

To what extent DOES THE RESULT LAST?

CINGAL® just requires a solitary infusion to accomplish quick acting and durable relief from discomfort that is demonstrated to last as long as a half year. A few patients experience relief from discomfort for longer than a half year.

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