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DUROLANE is a solitary infusion treatment to alleviate the torment of osteoarthritis (OA) in explicit little and enormous joints.2 It depends on a characteristic, sheltered and demonstrated innovation called NASHA®. Hyaluronic corrosive (HA) is a normally happening particle that gives the grease and padding in an ordinary joint.

DUROLANE is a straightforward gel which contains elevated levels of HA. It is infused into joints influenced by osteoarthritis to diminish torment, which improves joint capacity and assists with reestablishing personal satisfaction. The settled type of HA in DUROLANE is known as NASHA.

The potential advantages of DUROLANE for OA sufferers include:

Straightforwardly treats the influenced joint

Treatment is repeatable as required by your doctor

May assist with evading or postpone hip or knee substitution medical procedure

Long haul opportunity from osteoarthritis torment

Basic and brisk to regulate

Medication free option in contrast to pills

DUROLANE has been grown explicitly as a solitary infusion to treat the side effects of OA.23

DUROLANE is the first single infusion for osteoarthritis help with discomfort, since 2001*.

Progressed and one of a kind NASHA technology8

History of safe use†

Longer enduring by design8,10

Noteworthy and continued advantages for OA patients

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