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Ostenil Tendon (1x40mg/2ml)

Ostenil Tendon (1x40mg/2ml)

Ostenil Tendon (1x40mg/2ml)



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Why Buy Ostenil Tendon online (1x40mg/2ml)?

Buy Ostenil Tendon online (1x40mg/2ml) is for the treatment of agony and decreased portability in ligament issue.


1ml isotonic arrangement contains 20.0mg sodium hyaluronate from aging, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, mannitol and water for infusions.

Who ought not take ?

Ostenil Tendon (1x40mg/2ml) ought not be utilized in patients with found out excessive touchiness to any of the constituents.

Are there any related symptoms with Ostenil Tendon?

Neighborhood optional wonders, for example, torment, sentiment of warmth, wounding, redness or growing may happen following treatment with OSTENIL® TENDON.

How is OSTENIL managed?

Infuse OSTENIL® TENDON around the influenced ligament or into the influenced ligament sheath once per week for a sum of 2 infusions. A few ligaments might be treated simultaneously. Rehash medications might be regulated as required.

The substance and external surface of the OSTENIL® TENDON pre-filled syringe are sterile as long as the sterile pack stays solid. Remove the pre-filled syringe from the sterile pack, unscrew the Luer-LokTM top, connect an appropriate needle (for example 25 to 27 G) and secure it by turning marginally. On the off chance that current expel any air bubble from the syringe before infusion.

What is in the crate?

1 x pre-filled sterile syringe of 40 mg/2.0 ml OSTENIL Tendon

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